Interior plan of the T32x10 Sailing Barge

by Vermont Rice

Here you can get another view of the construction and interior arrangements of theT32x10.  This is of course still a draft and subject to a a lot of consultation and revision.

The boat is reinforced with bulkheads every 8 feet of length at minimum.  This results in several separate watertight compartments.  Each creates a separate “hold.”  The foremost, in the forecastle sleeping area, has only storage for the crew’s personal gear and possibly for sails and tackle in a locker.  The main deck has hatches to the two primary cargo hold compartments.  The hold beneath the floor of the main cabin has additional cargo capacity.  It’s expected that the aft hold beneath the poop deck will be used mostly for the auxiliary motor and other mechanical systems.

Overall, the boat is 32 feet in length and 10 feet in beam.  The main holds are 2’6″deep  x 10′  wide x 12′ long, both combined.  A boom rigged from the mainmast can hoist heavy items or pallets and swing them to an adjacent dock.

Clicking on the picture gives you a better view of the labels and particulars.

I think that the boat would be a very pleasant home afloat for the working crew, especially when you consider that the frequent dockings the plan entails will also provide opportunities to mooch showers off of friends and buy fresh food and drink on shore.