The Trade Route

by Vermont Rice

Here is our route.  Pretty simple North – South run.  We will launch from Ferrisburgh, where my farm is located, and probably take on cargo from other towns on the lake before proceeding south into the Champlain Canal.

The canal joins with the Hudson at Fort Edward.  We hope to call at Saratoga and Albany, as well as Poughkeepsie, New Paltz, Kingston, Tarrytown, and of course New York.  From what I’ve been able to learn (and observe here in the Champlain Valley) is that the winds tend to come either out of the north or the south, and usually change direction ever few days.  This might make travel on the route and all-or-nothing proposition for sail power, with rapid progress some days and just lying-to and waiting out unfavorable winds on others.

Later on we hope to have an interactive map feature for the project, one that would let you know the boat’s current location and status, and also learn more about our dockside partners and pick up locations.