The Trade Route, Part Two

by Vermont Rice

VSFP route map

Burlington to Brooklyn and Back Again. Here’s another rendition of our proposed route.

We will be taking on cargo in Ferrisburgh and Shoreham, for starters. Our coalition of farmer suppliers now includes Last Resort Farm and the Willowell Walden Project Farm in Monkton, Elmer Farm in East Middlebury, and my own farm (Boundbrook) in Ferrisburgh. Westview Farm and Orchard is on board too, in New Haven. In Shoreham we will be docking to take on cargo from Champlain Orchards and Golden Russett Farm. I am very honored to be working with such a great group of producers–a group of people who really manifest the agricultural shift in the Champlain Valley

On the New York side, things are less settled. We have some expressions of interest from some waterside partners in Mechanicsville (near Saratoga), Tarrytown, Ossining, and Manhattan. But we have a lot of work ahead of us to build the network the project needs. To be a little more specific, we expect to need a dock of some kind where the public can have access for a period of two to four daylight hours. It does not need to be a marina or commercial dock. Any dock that a shallow-draft motorboat can use we can also use. Our boat will be 36′ long x 8′ beam and 10.5 gross tons. We plan to visit each site and coordinate logistics with local partners. I personally am hoping to make arrangements to dock in each one of the Hudson River towns and cities on the map. If you live in one of these areas, and can help with this planning or know someone who can, please get in touch!