Barge Builders!

by Vermont Rice

logo and watercolor boat
Materials are arriving on the farm every day and we are getting ready to begin construction of the sailing barge next week.  I will post in more detail once we begin.  I am very uplifted by the many offers of volunteer help coming from the community.  Many hands make light work!

In the above graphic you can see the logo (the circular part) done by my brother-in-law Adam Hurwitz.  It is inspired by the old East India Company logo of which Henry Hudson’s 1609 expedition was a part.  Notice any resemblance?East India Company Seal

Adam put a lot of thought into the font, which has echoes of the printing presses of that age.  I love it, being kind of a 17th century history nut.  Not to compare our sailing venture to Hudson’s, of course, but I guess you could say that if a sailing vessel as unweildy as Hudson’s Halfmoon can ascend the Hudson river then we ought to be able to manage it somehow.

Exciting times ahead for VSFP in the next several weeks.  Please check in regularly as I will be sure to post updates to construction progress weekly.