Spring snow, and our new website

by Vermont Rice

With last week’s winter weather the project has been physically stalled but electronically accelerated. We now have a new website, vermontsailfreightproject.org, not quite complete but almost! Please check it out!

I will continue to post project news here on the wordpress blog on an approximately weekly basis. We’ll be back in the boatbuilding shed next week and there will be some fun stuff to document. All the supplies we will need for the next month of work have been laid in, and I expect some swift progress.

Last week before the weather set in nasty I did at least get the bow framed out a little and friend Evan Dale spend a few days helping to clean out and organize the workspace. The woodstove in the shop was humming! Another great bit of news is that our kickstarter campaign was approved to go live, so once we finish a few last-minute edits we’ll be announcing the launch of that campaign. It’s a very important piece of our fundraising strategy.

More soon.