Sail Transport Network and Culture Change

by Vermont Rice

The Vermont Sail Freight Project is a member of the Sail Transport Network, an organization created by petro-activist Jan Lundberg that aspires to serve as a logistical and advocacy network for the (re)emergent industry of sail transport. There are exciting prospects here of stitching together the trade routes of the early adopters to accomplish even longer-distance trades that are currently being accomplished by sail. My big hope is to help VSFP link up with projects already carrying fair trade goods from the tropics, like sugar, cocoa, and coffee as well as mediterranean products like olives, olive oil, dates and figs, and to be able to distribute these products up the Hudson and in the Champlain valley.

Jan was kind enough to give me a forum at his site, so in lieu of a prolonged post here I’ll send you over there to read a piece I wrote describing the cultural shift that I believe is making VSFP and other good works like it possible.