Leadup to Launch, part 2

by Vermont Rice

We are still on terra firma here.  But hopefully not for too much longer.  The list of tasks to get under heel is getting shorter.  Yes, it’s true I had hoped to be in the water by now.  I seem to recall myself stating we’d launch by the 4th of July on a few occasions.  But here is Ceres, still in the barn, getting more paint and hatches and whatnot.  Still, we will have gone from start to finish in four and a half months.  That’s something.  Ceres is turning out to be something too, a funny composite of native and foreign, old and new.  She inhabits the present moment, while maintaining strong ties to the past and evoking what we hope will be our future.

So, about that launch.  Yes, it’s happening.  The official celebration is Saturday July 27th at Ferrisburgh Town Beach, 2 to 5 p.m.  You can go to our facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/VTSailFreight) to let us know you’re coming!  We’ll have some light fare and music and maybe a short speech or two.  Also swimming!  Note that we are celebrating at a beach and not a deepwater marina or harbor.  Witness the glory of the shoal-draft vessel!  We will draw only about a foot of water empty so it’s no problem for us to cohabit with swimmers and even waders.

Here at the farm, which is also of course the build site, we raised the mast late last week   A glory to behold!  The winch system worked just as designed, safely raising and lowering our 36 foot mast in just a few minutes!  And while there is still a whole lot to say, I have to keep busy wearing that punchlist down to nothing.  Count on one more post though before we launch!

Jordan and Julien up on deck The mast is up! Looking forward IMG_6142