by Vermont Rice

Burling Ton Vermont, I guess must be the logic behind this abbreviation.  Or, given its location with the Green Mountains to the east and the ‘Daks across the lake to the west, Between Two Views?  At least, blessedly, it didn’t turn out to abbreviate Boatwreck with Three Victims…which is to say that the Vermont Sail Freight Project’s first delivery of cargo was a success.

We were sailing into some moderate chop on the way up.  Our broad bow would at times smack down into a trough sending up a spume of spray.  Julien and Robin were along for the ride (lifejackets on of course) and would squeal with glee when we made a good splash.  For a flat-bottom boat Ceres seemed to handle pretty well out on the big lake.  When we pounded into the chop you could feel the reverberations along the whole hull.  But Captain Steve seems quite satisfied overall and concedes that for a box barge she did all right…maybe better than all right.   Due to light and adverse winds and getting a late start we motored some of the time but also shook out the rig to sail, as you can see below.

We were met with a brass band at the dock in Burlington.  Well, at least a one-piece brass band!  And the cargo, corn and rye berries for Great Harvest Bakery and organic garlic from Scapegoat Farm for City market, arrived in fine condition to be delivered a short ways up the hill by bicycle.   Special props for Brian Goblick and Patrick Kiley for putting this demonstration delivery together and making it work!

We still have some minor details to see to in these last frantic few days in our home port, but on the whole we are looking ahead to loading in the Big Cargo for the coming journey south, departing October 6th, and are confident that Ceres will do her job well.

Do you live along the route or know someone who does?  Well, you can now order through our online webstand, and I encourage you to do so soon!  It’s easy, buying in advance guarantees you first pick of the goods available (no risk yet of selection selling out, but by the time we arrive at your dock, you never know…our goods are selling fast!), and it makes our job easier and more predictable too.  There are around 90 small-farm products from Vermont and the New York North Country to choose from!  We also have our full schedule posted and will be doing our darndest to stick to it, so you know when Ceres will be stopping by.  When you place an order, we’ll notify you too, of course.

More soon!  I have to get back to work!

Ceres enters Burlington Harbor Pedal Power Last-Mile Delivery Preparing to dock Arrival with the sun in the west out on the Big Lake IMG_6672