Hang on, we’re in for some chop..

by Vermont Rice

troyoct13 002 troyoct13 001Captain Steve calls this the “Big Boy Waters” but that’s sexist, right?

However you call it, we are in the tidal Hudson now, with stronger currents at play than in our home waters, and we’re also sharing the river with more and larger vessels.  We had a great market in Troy this morning, meeting up with several kickstarter backers and lots of other enthusiastic Troy folks.

I met up with Duncan Crary, one of our champions in Troy, and had some good food and better beer at Brown’s Brewing Co. brewpub in Troy.  This morning we set up for market both up on the parking lot outside the dockmaster’s (another Erik) shed and also fanned out our wares on the dock right beside Ceres.  This was the same place where I came and saw the Lois McClure docked some months ago and it pleases me to have Ceres following in her wake!  Troy was really good to us.  So was Mechanicville.  And it is the greatest pleasure, the greatest honor, to be able to connect VSFP with these new friends, who see something in what they want for the future of the towns and cities they love in what we are doing with Ceres.  And I know we are passing by some towns too where we would love to stop too, but we must press on towards the south.

VSFP crew were aided in the market work with some local volunteers.  Charlie and others who had worked on the Onrust came to help us out too.  We saw the Onrust docked as we passed Waterford.  Next time we hope to visit.  We think Ceres has a scrappy pragmatic nature that the early Dutch colonists would have appreciated.

Before leaving we bartered some nice sandwiches for cargo from the owner of Deli-icious before pushing off the dock and heading south.  Perhaps we’ll make Hudson this evening, we’re making good time on the ebb tide that’s pulling us, little by little, down to sea.