Adieu, Hudson, we’ll be back.

by Vermont Rice

We had a great time in the town of Hudson, a spot well known to our Greenhorns collaborators.  We had friends to meet us at the dockside, the Hudson Sloop Club.  Nick Zachos of the club in particular went way out of his way and really helped make our visit to Hudson a success.  A pleasant dock, a fun and supportive crowd, and I even got to play the accordion a little.  You can read all about our time in today’s Register Star right here!

Some of the team got into the bottle a bit after it got dark.  Sailors…you know how it is.  Even I got into it a bit in the atmosphere of general euphoria that what we are about here not only seems to be working, but is even beginning to be taken seriously.  After some limey gin drinks I wobbled back to the boat.  With no pressing need to depart the next morning and with a bit of a fuzzy head, I began wandering around the fine town of Hudson in search of a diner.



Hudson is a really interesting town, and actually was a whaling port at one time.  I was told that the whalers favored it because the barnacles on their hulls died and fell off in the fresh water (the salt water doesn’t set in until around Poughkeepsie).  There is some stunning brickwork warehouse architecture and the facades of the row buildings on the main street evoke a grand past for this significant river trading center.



Anyway, it didn’t take me too long to fine to find Tanzy’s diner. and found the Register Star with the picture of Ceres on the front page.  The two waitresses there served an awesome two-egg breakfast with some perfect hash browns and kept the coffee coming, which was just what I needed.  I mentioned that I was with the Ceres, and they were all excited about that.  I was just getting into my second or third cup when the Captain (Steve) and Jordan came in looking like something the cat dragged in, which was odd because I hadn’t told them where I was going but they found me anyway.  So they sat down at my table and I introduced them to the waitresses which upped the ante of the visit to Tanzy’s a little bit.  Once having established that I was buying, they both ordered big breakfasts. Steve wanted to add a pancake to his, but our waitress warned him that they were mighty big pancakes.

“If I eat it all, do I get my breakfast for free?” Steve asked.

The waitress agreed, but I put a stop to the wager right away.  Steve is not a real big guy but I know he can sock it away.  I told the waitress that I want them to get paid.  And good thing I did because all plates were clean at the end of the visit.

Now Ceres is off to Kingston, but not due there until Wednesday.  We are spending a free night with a friend of Steve’s.  From here our odds of staying on schedule get better and better as the legs between stops get shorter and shorter.  005