Events for the Lower Hudson Valley and NYC

by Vermont Rice

We are having a great time marketing our way down the Hudson River.  Everywhere we go we are delighted to make new friends at dockside.  Now we are coming to the final phase of this odyssey, the goal that all of this work has been leading up to for well over a year.  Some of you readers out there have been reading me since long before we had a boat, a crew, a cargo, all there was was a lone farmer’s loopy idea of building a sail cargo vessel to unify the goals of low-impact water trade and revitalization of the regional foodshed.  An idiotic concept that would have certainly died at any bank loan officer’s desk or any self-respecting boardroom table.


99% of the time I am still so immersed in the challenges of the day to day that I fail to appreciate the big picture, but occasionally it’s worth taking a moment to consider how far we’ve come, and how this whole endeavor is really the product of teamwork and community-building on a regional scale.  Sailing through this stunningly beautiful land on a handsome (yes, handsome) craft we all made together by hand, working alongside friends whose values I share, I feel incredibly fortunate that despite all the havoc the last 70 or so years of rapid “development” that have been wreaked on this landscape and its human culture, there is still beauty there, and there is still potential to rediscover a more benign way of living together.  VSFP artist, builder and stevedore Brian Goblick has termed this a “utopian reality project.”  Now, maybe I wouldn’t go that far, but the mere fact that we are here, on the final approach to NYC, suggests that community-driven approaches to change can’t be written off as categorically unworkable.


Here is the roundup of our coming events.  I’m going to put this in its own page in the menu bar, too.  Some of these events may be subject to change but as of this moment this is the authoritative, final word on the trajectory of Ceres for the final 10 days of our first southbound voyage with cargo

  • NEWBURGH oct 19
  • location and time:
  • waterfront 10-4pm
  • Market and participation in the Newburgh Fall Festival
  • Ceres will  be by Torches restaurant at the waterfront.
  • BEACON oct 20
  • location and time:
  • Beacon Farmers’ Market: 11am-3pm
  • at the river by the train station
  • Farmer’s market and picnic with Beacon Sloop Club
  • NYACK oct 22
  • Location and time:
  • 11-4
  • Market at Hook Mountain Marina
  • in conjunction with Pie Lady and Son
  • YONKERS oct 24
  • location and time:
  • Groundwork Hudson Valley Science Barge, time TBD
  • Downtown Yonkers just North of the Yonkers Pier.
  • BROOKLYN oct 26
  • Location and time:
  • Brooklyn Navy Yard, 3-5pm, reception after
  • Building # 313
  • Event:
  • In partnership with Agger Fish and Brooklyn Grange
  • Cargo demonstration with Revolutionary Rickshaws. Reception and market at the BROOKLYN NAVY YARD Warehouse with Brooklyn Grange, triple island, Agger Fish, Marlow and Daughters , the Pines. Pumpkin carving, art installation with Mare Liberum and other nautical artists. MORGAN OKANE plays from 3-4:30pm.
  • MANHATTAN oct 27
  • location and time:
  • New Amsterdam Market 11am-4pm
  • South Street between Beekman Street and Peck Slip
  • Event:
  • pumpkin carving, doughnut frying, music and market
  • and a toast to the first of many VSFP runs!
  • NY oct 28
  • Vermont Sail Freight Prix Fixe Dinner with Beer Pairings
  • Jimmy’s No. 43
  • 43 East 7th St. btwn 2nd and 3rd Ave.
  • please RSVP online for this paid event.

We just had a great time in Kingston where we were kindly hosted by the Hudson River Maritime Museum in Kingston.  Sold some cargo (Ceres floats an inch higher than 24 hours ago, and that’s 2000 lbs of cargo), led some school groups through a tour of Ceres and what she represents to their fine city and its longstanding heritage of waterborne freight, and even played some music.  Thanks especially to Patrick McDonough and Lana at the museum and to Gai Galetzine and Pamlela Boyce-Simms for being such great hosts.  Photographer Jim Peppler took these photos and I hope to post some directly onto the blog soon.

In the meantime, enjoy these, taken just outside Kingston.20131016_070501  20131016_070347