Hudson, Troy, Mechanicville

Ceres is on her northward trek now and the last few markets of the run are upon us.  They are coming right up.

  1. Hudson –Wednesday July 9th, 10 am -6 pm.  At the waterfront.
  2. Troy — Friday July 11th, 10am-4pm, Troy Downtown Marina near Brown’s Brewery
  3. Mechanicville — Saturday July 12th 10 am-6 pm, Mechanicville Public Dock

A few items are sold out but by and large we have a very wide array of syrups, preserves, oil, honey, flours and grains still on offer.  Come see us!

Following this trip we will take a well-earned break and plan our next moves.  Generally both the navigational and the commercial aspects of the project made positive steps.  We want to continue to offer markets and to sail in the latter half of the season as well. 008